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    Hi ptom,
    Can you substitute local addresses for the http:// part of the json file? Meaning, instead of for the site_url, using /storage/.kodi/userdata/scripts/ Or the same for locally stored png files for the Poster line? Can Audrey deal with bash scripts?



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    Hi guys, i made a little addon with the help of Audrey and thought i would share it here. Keep in mind this is my first time i did something with scraping and i am a complete noob so feel free to commit if i can do something different or better.

    It's a kids addon that scrapes content from so being a dutch site it's not for everyone. Most vids are from youtube and a few are vimeo. Vimeo links won't play but like i sad there are only a few vimeo links so i can live with that.

    My json is stored local but also be viewed online:


    So that's it. Tell me what you think.
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