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    Aeon nox skin problem

    I use ****** tv and Aeon nox skin 6.0.1 in kodi 17.1 . If I run ****** from video add-ons it comes up as list view. But
    If I put ****** as a sub menu and run it always comes up as icon view. Even I change it to list view then I get out and come back
    it comes up as icon view again.
    Is there a way to keep it in list view?

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    Came here looking for an answer to this too. Have you figured it out yet, Curt? I have my ****** favorites' set to the open from Live TV and every time it comes up in Icon view. And every time I change it to View: List.

    Is there a file I need to edit somewhere? Thanks for any help

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    Need help with this too. I hate icon view!


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