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    TV Show Library Post-processing

    My setup as pertaining to what I'm looking to do: there are 3 sources I use for TV episodes; PVR, Play-Later, and Sonarr. Both the PVR and Play-Later follow up by getting processed by MCE Buddy. If everything goes as expected (recordings not canceled, no issue with play-later, no issue finding a download with Sonarr)I end up with 3 instances of a episode in my library, not what I want in the end.

    My goal is to allow the Play-Later and PVR recordings to go on as expected. However I want once Sonarr picks up and completes a download (typically Sonarr get the best quality recording of the 3), I want for if the other 2 sources exist, to be deleted. Help Me! (and if possible preserve the watch state of the deleted file[s] on the new downloaded one)

    I am using sabnzbd for the download, would a post processing script here do the job? would it interfere in any way with Sonarr?

    FYI, I've switch my home over to exclusively using MediaPCs (now have combination of different devices) for ~10yrs now, so I'm no stranger to different setups.
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