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    Quote Originally Posted by Apocalypso View Post
    I actually use two debrid services—Real-debrid and Alledebrid. Swear by them both for access to buffer-free HD quality links. The cost is minimal when compared to paying for monthly cable TV and greatly enhances Kodi addons.
    I finally broke down and got RD, so far I am not impressed. You do get more links, but for TV Shows these "extra" links seem to be 90% sometimes even 100% duplicates of the free links and have the exact same buffering issues as their free counterparts. For movies there seems to be more unique links but a lot of those have buffering issues, although you can sometimes find one that doesn't.

    I thought maybe my ISP (Comcast) was blocking and throttling links, so I tried using a VPN (Anonymizer VPN trial) with the same results. I have a 150mbps connection, hard wired LAN (not wifi) and can stream Netflix at 4k and Prime at 4k with no issues. So yeah I am not seeing all these "buffer free" links from RD.

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    I use real-debrid for streams and

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    For those that arent, why not try a short trial of real-debrid or another. Its less than 10 dollars and you can see if its worth it to you. It is to me. Yes, sometimes there are just as good standard sources, but occasionally there are only very low quality standard sources while there are many more HD or higher.

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    Real Debrid, works great all the time (Have to deselect foreign sources in settings) it gives me lots of premium sources and in 4k or full hd too. kodi 17.6 on android box

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    I use Real Debrid and now couldn't be without.

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    Yes real debrid is the way to go

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    Is debrid a compulsory stuff to have now to watch movies?

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    Real debrid is a useful tool

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    Real debrid is the way to go to stop buffering

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