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Thread: Hi to everyone

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    Hi to everyone

    Hi. I'm Dennis and would like to introduce myself. I got my first Amazon Firestick about a year and 1/2 ago. Paid a guy $100 for it as it had Kodi on it and I could get all the stuff you are all familiar with. Well, after a few weeks I thought I was smart and made a few changes only to make my stick no longer work. Sooo, I took it back to the guy and had to pay him to fix my errors. Well, after a few weeks the same thing happened and that's when I decided to really learn about how to install apps and addons on a firestick. I am now very familiar with the process and have started my own hobby of building Firesticks with Kodi and ********* installed for others to enjoy. Since I am 75 yrs old, I do this simply to keep my brain active and I thoroughly enjoy what I'm doing. For those of you that want to learn what I have learned, you may want to contact Troy at ************** to subscribe to his lessons. Well worth the time and he's outstanding.
    By joining this forum I hope to learn a lot more about all this stuff. Thanks for having me.

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    I find it a shame that someone would charge you $100 for a Fire Stick that cost $35. Oh well, you have now learned much more than some other poor soul.

    The only thing is that we can't discussed infringing addons on this forum.

    Welcome aboard.


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