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    I like the amazon fire tv box

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    I like the amazon fire tv box
    Amazon Fire TV V2 is a great little box. V3 is a piece of trash and not worth buying IMHO. The V3 is supposedly slightly faster than the V2 but they removed everything that made the V2 great. The V3 Fire TV "Box" IS a GREAT upgrade from a Fire TV "Stick" but it's 3 steps backward from a Fire TV Box V2. Sadly you can't buy the V2 any more unless you find one used. My main complaint about the AFTV's in general are the ads on the main screen. Luckily I don't usually look at that page for long.

    As far as the Xiaomi MiBox, goes it does seem like it could be a good device if you only use Wi-Fi. I happen to have have wired my whole house with Cat5e cable, just so I don't have to use Wi-Fi for things like this. While yes there is such a thing as Ethernet over USB, the MiBox ONLY has one USB2.0 port. From what I have read, ethernet over USB performs pretty well with USB3.0 but not near as well over USB2.0. Add to this that this box only has 8GB storage and NO SD card slot (NOTE: the Fire TV V2 does have a SD card slot, V3 does not), which makes you limited on the apps you can install. You could possibly use USB thumb drives, but again it only has one USB2.0 so now you need a USB hub to handle the thumb drive and the ethernet to USB adapter. Since the remote sucks, you may want to use a different one, that could also need a USB port. Good thing you bought that USB hub. So by the time you buy all the "accessories" you have increased the price quite a bit with this one IMHO.

    The MECOOL box with custom TV Rom sounds interesting, but I haven't looked into it too much yet. I do know a lot of these off brand boxes have really bad reviews on Amazon. The big advantage of the name brand products like the Xiaomi MiBox and AFTV is that they tend to have better overall quality control.

    What is the best box? Really it depends on your specific needs.
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