TV ADDONS Founder Resigns from Administrative Position Effective Immediately

TV ADDONS Founder Resigns from Administrative Position Effective Immediately

As of midnight June 20th, 2018 we regret to inform our users that our founder has resigned from his position as administrator of our servers and web site. He will continue to contribute to marketing and outreach, but will no longer retain administrative access to our servers, or any sensitive information. This decision was made after a long period of deliberation amongst senior members of our team, and was made in order to ensure the longevity of our platform.

Adam has been under immense pressure for over a year since a group of Canadian telecom companies barged into his home without prior notice, with the purpose of destroying our platform along with his livelihood. We relaunched last August as a new entity under new ownership, with Adam staying on board as team lead. Recently however, given his current legal struggle, it became clear that his continued administrative access would be a liability for the rest of our platform and users.

In the meantime, TV ADDONS will continue to share any revenues earned with Adam, in order to support him in his David vs. Goliath legal battle. We have always operated within the law. Billion dollar companies will stop at nothing, manipulating the law in their efforts to destroy us.

In selecting the individual to replace Adam in his former role as administrator, an automated script was used to randomly select his replacement from amongst our most trusted senior staff. At the time of selection, the automated script also delivered relevent passwords which the new administrator then changed so that only he would know them. Only the staff member selected knows that he is our new platform administrator.

The rest of us are not aware of which one of us was selected, the process was designed that way. In a few weeks time, our new administrator will likely surface publicly, and it is possible that we might get some upgrades to our web site shortly after.

If you’d like to show your support for Adam, please consider making a donation! We thank him for his years of service to our community.TV ADDONS Founder Resigns from Administrative Position Effective ImmediatelyTV ADDONS Founder Resigns from Administrative Position Effective Immediately

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