More Gaia Malware? Real-Debrid Knocked Offline by Gaia 5 Update

Gaia, the only Kodi addon to ever infect users with malware, seems to once again be in hot water as a result of either faulty of malicious code.

Several days ago, they pushed their Gaia 5 update, hailing tons of new “features” and “improvements.” One of these “improvements” appears to be flooding Real-Debrid’s servers with uncached requests over and over.

As a result of this flooding, Real-Debrid has been forced to ban IP addresses in order to protect the integrity of their network. This means that anyone who subscribes to Real-Debrid and uses Gaia risks getting blocked from Real-Debrid.

More Gaia Malware? Real-Debrid Knocked Offline by Gaia 5 Update

Last time they infected thousands with malware, they claimed they weren’t aware that the malware was in their code – even though they repeatedly updated the malware itself over a period of several months.

Now here’s the twist, rumour has it that Gaia is actually run by a Premiumize employee. And in case you aren’t aware, Premiumize is Real-Debrid’s biggest competitor. We are of course unable to verify this claim, but can say that it comes from a reliable source.

We aren’t sure what’s going on, but find it prudent to avoid Gaia. It’s slow and bulky, while not really offering anything that you won’t find in other Kodi addons. Certainly not worth the risk!

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