Git Browser for Kodi: Guaranteed Addon Authenticity for Improved Security

Git Browser for Kodi: Guaranteed Addon Authenticity for Improved Security

There has been a spike in the creation of Fusion Installer alternatives, many of which host outdated and fraudulent repositories. Using our Git Browser tool is the easiest way to ensure that repositories installed are authentic, and not run by imposters looking to serve malware to newbies.

When we released our Git Browser a few months back, it was meant to be more than just a new way to install Kodi addons. We saw a void in the Kodi addon community which was in desperate need of filling. End users were using Google to figure out how to install their favourite Kodi addons, and often found themselves adding potentially harmful Fusion Installer alternatives in the process.

Once upon a time, you could install almost any Kodi addon repository directly from our Fusion Installer. You could trust that the repositories installed through the Fusion Installer were in fact authentic, because we had vetted them for security and authenticity. And then, almost overnight, everything changed. We could no longer index certain repositories for legal reasons.

Removal of certain repositories from our Fusion Installer led to spike in the creation of Fusion Installer alternatives. Many of these had been setup by box sellers and possible bad actors. We noticed that many of these Fusion Installer alternatives contained either fake, outdated or untrustworthy repositories which could potentially put users at risk.

After adding an untrustworthy file manager source (Fusion Installer alternative) to Kodi, there is no way of knowing whether the repositories being installed are truly authentic. Whether the repositories you’re installing are authentic or not is really up to chance. They could be real, or they could be complete imposters setup by box sellers or bad actors looking to take advantage.

Fast forward to why the Git Browser solves this problem… When you input the GitHub username of any given developer, it is certain that the addons and repositories you’ll find will be authentic and up to date. All you need to do is make sure you get that GitHub username from a source you trust. GitHub usernames are far easier to pass along verbally than a bunch of random file manager sources run by who knows who.

If you’re interested in helping secure the community, please do your part to share GitHub usernames you’ve found with your friends, family, and coworkers. The more people share this information, the lesser the learning curve will be for newbies trying to figure out which GitHub usernames should be used with our Git Browser tool.

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