Git Browser for Kodi: Empowering Addon Developers, Keeping Them Safe

Git Browser for Kodi: Empowering Addon Developers, Keeping Them Safe

Developers were previously forced to join larger “groups,” or create their own Fusion Installer alternatives in order to facilitate the distribution of their Kodi addons to end users. Either of these options meant putting their privacy at risk, while taking their focus away from actual productive addon development.

Most open source development takes place on GitHub, and Kodi addons are no different. Until we released the Git Browser, Kodi itself couldn’t connect to GitHub directly. This forced developers to upload their repositories to file manager sources like our Fusion Installer in order to facilitate installation. The problem is that creating a Fusion Installer alternative meant they would have to signup to a paid hosting account, putting their privacy at risk in the process.

This privacy hurdle often meant that developers would join larger “groups” in order to avoid having to create, maintain and promote their own file manager sources. Associating with larger groups has proven to be the downfall of many developers in recent times, often leaving everyone individually responsible for everyone else’s development. When part of a larger group, you’re only as secure as your weakest link.

When you’re part of a group, especially an open source one, there’s always the risk of drama and conflict getting in the way of development. This is especially accurate when it comes to Kodi addon development groups. Some people, usually those who are less capable developers, almost seem to crave drama. Remaining independent has been a good strategy for many serious developers.

Another issue lies in the promotion of Fusion Installer alternatives. Since we stopped indexing certain addons and developers, all kinds of clickbait blogs have tried to seize power by maintaining their own repositories and file manager sources. In the process, they often distribute outdated and fraudulent repositories. End users have fallen prey to these fraudulent file manager sources and repositories, often putting them at risk.

Not to mention the fact that as Fusion Installer alternatives get more popular, they end up struggling to try to remain online. Sooner or later, the bandwith ends up being too much for a hosting account to handle. This has led to the closure of several formerly popular file manager sources for Kodi repositories.

Since our Git Browser tool was released as “the new and improved way to install Kodi addons” developers have been empowered. They can now spend more time on development and less time worrying about drama. Using a VPN allows any developers to easily remain anonymous over GitHub, so that they can focus on what’s most important: code development.

Those who want to contribute to the empowerment of addon developers can help by spreading the word about the Git Browser. Be sure to tell everyone you know about what the best developers GitHub usernames are as you figure them out. Bloggers and YouTubers can also help by making videos explaining how to install the best Kodi addons using the Git Browser.

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