Two Paid IPTV Providers Hacked, Customer Data Held at Ransom

Two Paid IPTV Providers Hacked, Customer Data Held at Ransom

Over the past week, two of the biggest paid pirate IPTV services have been hacked, with their customer data being held at ransom. They’re Helix Hosting and PrimeStreams.

This is a pretty big deal. Most people who signup to these services do so with their real info, or at minimum connect to them from devices that identify their real IP addresses.

Anyone in their customer databases can be liable to pretty serious lawsuits, legal fines and even criminal investigations. The hackers are threatening to release this data publicly if not paid their ransom.

If you put fake info, paid via an anonymous method and used a VPN – you’re probably safe. If you didn’t, you’ll have no choice but to live in fear of this biting you in the behind at any point in the future.

At TV ADDONS, we’ve strongly discouraged the use of paid pirate IPTV services for a long time. Not only for reasons like this, but for other reasons too.

If you wish to surf the web anonymously, and not have to worry about things like this, the solution is to get a VPN. Using a VPN will reroute your internet traffic through encrypted, anonymized servers around the world. Subscribe today for only $3.49/month and get 3 months free!


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