ResolveURL Developer JSergio123 Retires (Again) Citing Personal Attacks, Feuding Developers

In a suprising turn of events, it seems that jsergio123 has once again announced his retirement from the Kodi community, deactivating his Twitter account minutes later. In case you aren’t aware of who he is, jsergio123 contributed to URLResolver development during our brief downtime last summer. In recent weeks he had also released his own fork of URLResolver called ResolveURL.

In his final tweets, he said that he had become demotivated by the constant personal attacks and developers who were unwilling to work together. He also said that he lacked the time required to keep his ResolveURL module updated, and that moving forward he is going to focus on his family and career. Right now the future of the new ResolveURL fork is looking bleak, and the community has certainly lost a good contributor.

ResolveURL Developer JSergio123 Retires (Again) Citing Personal Attacks, Feuding Developers

While he didn’t mention it his farewell tweets, there was also a pretty big fight that went down between jsergio123 and Real-Debrid yesterday. This argument ensued after a back and forth argument between the two over Reddit the previous day. Real-Debrid had told their customers that he was responsible for their service not working in ResolveURL, while jsergio123 said that changes to Real-Debrid’s API were to blame. It is unclear what exactly went wrong, but Real-Debriid still works.

ResolveURL Developer JSergio123 Retires (Again) Citing Personal Attacks, Feuding Developers

There was also the fact that the MPA and ACE were trying to pressure jsergio123 into stopping his development of Kodi addons. He had previously been visited back when the Covenant crew got busted, and had retired shortly after. He came back a few months later, proclaiming that he had not signed any settlement papers and felt that the whole thing was a pressure tactic. He claimed to have not been involved in the development of anything sketchy, so he had no reason to worry.

Following his return, lawyers from the MPA and ACE sent him a second warning by mail, strongly encouraging him to sign their settlement agreement, or face prosecution. When you have a family and dependents to worry about, this type of threat is certainly not one that you’d want hanging over your shoulders. As we’ve said before, once these billion dollar copyright bullies come after you, it can ruin your financial state even if you are completely innocent.

Many in this community (us included) are very sorry to see jsergio123 go. Since this isn’t the first time he has retired, many will likely remain hopeful that he will return at some point in the near future. At the current time, his GitHub release repository still remains online, so Kodi addons that had switched over to ResolveURL in recent weeks will still remain operational. We extend our best wishes to jsergio123 and his family.

In case anyone is interested in contributing URLResolver development, we are currently looking to recruit new talent to our community. URLResolver is the lifeblood of most Kodi addons, as it is the tool that converts cyberlocker pages into playable media file links. Even if you don’t have programming experience, we could use your help in testing and reporting broken sources.

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