Time to Update to Kodi 18.4 for Increased Stability and Performance

Time to Update to Kodi 18.4 for Increased Stability and Performance

Kodi recently released an 18.4 Leia update, which based on our test results offers increased stability and performance across platforms.

If you’re an Android user, who installed Kodi through the Google Play store, then your Kodi setup has probably automatically updated itself already. If you manually downloaded and installed Kodi, then you should follow these links to learn how-to overwrite your current version with the latest update:

As for what exactly was updated in this Kodi 18.4 Leia release, see the changelog as follows:


  • Fix Missing text when sorting from inside addon
  • Clear/save focus-history when leaving window with focus on parent folder item
  • Picture slideshow fixes (Estuary)
  • Subscribe to controller install events (games)
  • Fix radio button text length (Estuary)
  • Fix season/episode formatting for video addons (video)
  • Don’t consider display mode ids constant (Android)


  • Fix PlayMedia builtin for playlists (.strm) and “artists” smart playlists (music)
  • Fix PlayMedia builtin for smart playlists and playlists (music)
  • FFmpeg: Bump to 4.0.4-Leia-18.4
  • Load program from stream property without using streaminfo (video)
  • Fix initialization of AVD3D11VAContext structure (video, Windows)
  • Fix TS resume point, related to PR16314 (video)
  • Fixed memory leak, fixed segfault (video, Linux)
  • Fix PAPlayer to handle passthrough for TrueHD (audio)


  • Fix component dependencies
  • PVRRecordings: Prevent concurrent calls to video database

Other/General fixes

  • Use first protocol from add-on in add network dialog
  • Use exact matching for protocol in file+dir factories
  • Use of absolute paths in combination with hosts in URLs
  • Fix file times for vfs addons
  • Fix + sign HTTP folder
  • Corrections to filesystem CircularCache initialization and termination
  • Controller fixes
  • Delete stream details when video info is refreshed
  • Do not attempt to further resolve plugin paths for failing entries
  • Revert “fixed: We should always update stream details from player…”

We remind you that if you have any problems with your Kodi setup, please feel encouraged to visit our discussion forums where someone friendly is always willing to lend a helping hand.

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5/5 - (5 votes)

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