Why Do Kodi Addons Stop Working Properly or Display Script Errors?

Why Do Kodi Addons Stop Working Properly or Display Script Errors?

In case you haven’t already realized, we have nothing to do with the content available through addons, so if something stops working or goes wrong with an addon, it’s not our fault nor is it in our control. Kodi addons interface with existing online streaming content, from whichever sources the addon is designed to scrape. It is the sources themselves who are responsible for their own content, think of Kodi as a web browser, you don’t go blaming Internet Explorer when a site doesn’t load.

Developers create addons to scrape content from specific web sites. As you’ve likely noticed, ads are not displayed within Kodi. This means that when content is scraped from a source, the source loses out on potential ad revenue, while still having to absorbe the costs related to serving multimedia content across the web. As a result, web sites are definitely not pleased about the sheer number of users accessing their content through Kodi.

Sometimes streaming web sites make standard design changes which temporarily break Kodi addons, because they are no longer able to correctly scrape site content. In other cases, certain streaming web sites have made specific changes to their design in efforts to block Kodi addons from scraping content, however most of the time developers are able to bypass any of those countermeasures. Generally speaking, if you can access a public site through a web browser, it can be scraped by Kodi addons.

Cyberlockers are no different from streaming web sites when it comes to their view of Kodi, they would prefer it not be used access their content, because they don’t get ad revenue or premium signups out of it. They will also sometimes change their design or coding to purposely break Kodi addons. When a file host breaks in Kodi, it generally takes a bit longer before it is fixed because they are powered by the URLresolver addon, which is slightly more complicated to update. This is why every video from a specific file hosts (such as VodLocker) will stop working altogether.

Lastly, you can’t expect content from sketchy sources to be 100% reliable, links get taken down all the time for legal reasons. Most of the time more links are put up than taken down, but sometimes this makes it difficult to find a working source for the title you’re trying to watch. As we’ve said before, we have no control over the content you watch, we don’t upload it, we don’t maintain it, we just code Kodi addons which read those sources.

Moral of the story: if everything in an addon is broken, use another addon for a day or two, then try again. When you notice that all files from a specific file host are broken, use a different file host for a week, then try again. If you can’t find a working source for a specific title in one addon, try another addon, and another addon, sooner or later you’ll find one that works. Whatever you do, don’t start complaining to the developers when something doesn’t work, give them some time to fix it first.

If you do ever happen to find some sort of anomaly within an addon, you are encouraged to visit our discussion forums, be sure to post an error log so that the issue can be adequately assessed.

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