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Glorifying Paid Services Discourages Kodi Addon Developers


Before TV ADDONS was attacked last year, development was plentiful. New developers were joining the scene regularly, and things were great. We discouraged the use of paid services, and gave users and developers a place to rub shoulders.

We did not allow anyone to use our forum as a place to jumpstart their financial endeavors. We set that rule from day one. Open source communities are about the sharing of free code, and are ruined when commercial interests infiltrate them.

Over the past year, we’ve seen many groups try to take control of the user base once supported by TV ADDONS. We lost our ability to communicate with our users, and the community was fragmented – while profiteers try to benefit from our loss.

While Real-Debrid and Premiumize might be good services for some people, they aren’t what built Kodi and they won’t keep it alive. Those services rely on original addon scrapers in order to populate their cache database. If the scrapers die, they die.

As for the services that charge users for access to sources retrieved by free Kodi addons, they are even worse. The people who spent days writing scrapers for free, become hugely discouraged when profiteers make money off their hard work.

If you see people praising paid services, call them out. Paid services won’t help the Kodi community survive. Collaborating with, and supporting real open source developers will. Don’t be tricked into using Orion or Gaia – they’re only in it for themselves.

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Please remember that our community is supported entirely by volunteers, developers are not paid and updates to their Kodi addons are made during their free time.