One Year Later: The State of the Unofficial Kodi Addon Community

One Year Later: The State of the Unofficial Kodi Addon Community

Today marks one year since our original domain name and social media accounts were seized without trial. Since then, we have been working tirelessly towards rebuilding a stronger, more resilient community – and our efforts have proven fruitful. We’re now going to take a look at the current state of the unofficial Kodi addon community, as well as discuss our outlook on the future.

As far as the numbers go, we’re growing rapidly for a platform that’s technically only a year old. Losing our domain name and social media acccounts meant that we would have to start from scratch. We lost our Google rankings entirely, our ability to push updates, and all kinds of clickbait blogs tried to take our place. Nonetheless, in the past month our addons had almost fourteen million active users.

One Year Later: The State of the Unofficial Kodi Addon Community

We’re a platform for unofficial Kodi addons, so where do we fare in that department? After being sued in two different countries, we were forced to temporarily institute a strict addon submission policy which requires that licensing of scraped content sources be “easily verifiable.” Despite the heavy restrictions, new addons continue to be released on a regular basis. These are some of the most popular Kodi addons in our index…

And what about the Kodi addons that we have blacklisted? That sort of development continues outside of our platform, with dozens of working forks of previously abandoned Kodi addons currently being maintained through GitHub. Code is a form of expression, like free speech. Historically, the attempted censorship of code has only resulted in wider distribution and promotion. Open source code lives on forever.

One of the past year’s major successes was the release of our Git Browser for Kodi. Since almost all Kodi development takes place over GitHub, we thought that naturally there should be a way of browsing GitHub through Kodi. Using the Git Browser, you can connect directly to any Kodi addon developer. As a result, users are able to ensure their security by avoiding untrustworthy Fusion Installer clones.

URLResolver development has continued steadily, with new updates resurrecting certain Kodi addons which you may have previously considered to be dead. Additionally, our community has been graced by an independent fork of URLResolver, known as ResolverURL. Diversity means strength and resilience. No longer should the community be solely dependent on one central authority for development.
One Year Later: The State of the Unofficial Kodi Addon CommunityOne Year Later: The State of the Unofficial Kodi Addon CommunityOn a more sombre note, not much has changed as far as the two lawsuits against us. In Canada, the companies suing us ended up winning at appeal, so we won’t get back any of our property until after a trial takes place. The merits of the case have yet to be reviewed at all. The appeal process, which involved several court appearances, including one two hours away, was not anticipated and added quite a bit of expense.

What is so disturbing in Canada is the censorship. The companies suing us are claiming that they needed to retain our original domain names and social media accounts in order to preserve evidence. The problem is that domain names contain no data which could possibly be preserved, and social media history is easily downloadable, which would have preserved any possible data. When a web site loses its address, it loses everything. They manipulated the law in order to destroy us this way.

In the United States, we had our motion to dismiss on jurisdictional grounds denied, and our codefendent (the ZemTV developer) has dropped out of the fight. We have never operated, nor stepped foot in the state of Texas, how could any normal person be expected to fight a lawsuit so far from home? We continue to hope that the law will recognize our innocence, since we fully complied with their takedown notice one month prior to the lawsuit filing.
One Year Later: The State of the Unofficial Kodi Addon CommunityOne Year Later: The State of the Unofficial Kodi Addon CommunityMoving forward, we hope that everyone will work towards the goal of strengthening the overall Kodi community. If we are to achieve our goals and rebuild stronger than before, the drama must be put to rest. Copyright bullies are doing enough to undermine our community, we don’t need users and “developers” going at it with each other too.

At this point, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who has contributed to our continued existence. Online communities are only as strong as their users. We hope that all of you will stick around for what’s yet to come, several mind-blowing new Kodi addons are coming shortly. Endless socially curated content retrieval… Now get back to enjoying the nice weather!

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