Transparency Report: Blacklisted Kodi Addons, Developers (August 2018)

Unless you’ve been living in a long distance space travel simulator for the past year, you probably know that our community is currently facing significant legal threat in both the United States and Canada. As a result, we have taken the decision to ban certain problematic Kodi addons, until the Courts have had the opportunity to clarify the issue.

We’re all about the rights of the individual, we don’t care which Kodi addons you use, nor will we stop you from using them. We simply have to respectfully ask that everyone avoid discussing and distributing certain Kodi addons over our platform for the time being. For transparency and compliance purposes, we will continue to update this Kodi addon blacklist from time to time.

In case you are interested learning more about copyright law, takedown notices and the DMCA – we suggest consulting the Lumen Database, GitHub DMCA History, as well as the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Useful Compliance Details

Blacklisted Kodi Addons (and Forks)

This list consists only of Kodi addons (and forks) which were banned within the last three months. Developers listed in brackets will not be welcome to use our platform, although their ban may be appealed should they cease distribution of blacklisted addons!

  1. 1Channel: (kodibae)
  2. 9Anime: (dxcx)
  3. SportsDevil: (kodibae)
  4. Death Streams: (mrblamo420)
  5. Anime Incursion: (nixgates)
  6. At The Flix: (maverick53)
  7. cCloud TV: (kodibae)
  8. Chappai: (mrblamo420)
  9. Chocolate Salty Balls: (mrblamo420)
  10. Covenant: (covenantkodi)
  11. Elementum: (elgatito)
  12. Exodus: (kodibae)
  13. Gaia: (gaiaorigin)
  14. IceFilms: (iceballs)
  15. IceFilms: (iceballs)
  16. Incursion: (nixgates)
  17. JokerSports: (maverick53)
  18. Neptune Rising: (mrblamo420)
  19. Orion: script.module.orion (gaiaorigin)
  20. Placenta: (mrblamo420)
  21. PureSoccer: (purerepo1)
  22. SkyNet: (mrblamo420)
  23. Sparkle: (iwannabelikemike)
  24. Sportie: (kodibae)
  25. Release HUB: (mrentertainment)
  26. Ultimate IPTV: (kodibae)
  27. Ultimate Whitecream: (kodibae)
  28. WatchNixtoons: (nixgates)
  29. XXX-O-DUS: (kodibae)

Once again, this list is only published in order to prevent the discussion of blacklisted Kodi addons over our platform. We are not, and will never, stop you from using whichever Kodi addons you choose. You can still use our content neutral Git Browser tool to install any Kodi addons your heart desires, even the ones we don’t approve. Don’t ask, don’t tell type of thing.

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