Kodi Addons, Content Sources and Android TV Box Sellers Explained

Kodi Addons, Content Sources and Android TV Box Sellers Explained

It seems that many of our users are unaware as to exactly what’s taking place when they boot up their Kodi device and start watching endless content ranging from movies and television shows to live channels and sports.

While it’s probably true that the majority of our users couldn’t care less about what’s actually taking place behind the scenes, we figured some of you might be interested in learning more about what exactly it is we do.

We’ll now go ahead and explain each part of the fragile Kodi ecosystem…

Official Kodi

Kodi itself is simply a media player that runs on many different hardware platforms. It is comparable to Windows Media Player or Plex (which is actually based on Kodi). It gives you the ability to play your own multimedia content, or extend functionality through the use of plugins that are known as Kodi addons. Team Kodi is a nonprofit organization and does not in any way encourage the use of third party addons from unofficial sources such as ours.

Kodi Addons

This is where we come in, our community is the home to virtually every single Kodi addon in existence and has been this way since the beginning. Developers create addons to serve different purposes, giving them the ability to scrape content from existing online content sources, the same sources that would be readily available through your computer’s web browser. Developers are all volunteers, none of them make money from any of this.

Content Sources

We don’t actually have any anything to do with the content you’re watching, we don’t upload videos, we don’t manage sources, and we don’t encourage the sharing of files in any way, shape or form. At the end of the day, the sites we are scraping content from would probably prefer we didn’t, since they don’t gain advertising revenue from Kodi addon users. This is stuff that would be available online regardless of our existence.

Android TV Box Sellers

While we don’t really have a problem with people making money, the way most of these people go about doing so is quite shady. They don’t give their customers proper support information, so when they have a problem with their hardware device they have no clue what to do. Furthermore, they sell our Kodi addons, but don’t even bother telling their customers about our web site. We regularly receive emails from their customers, who think that we got paid for their purchase, which definitely isn’t the case.

Installing Kodi

It’s quite easy to install Kodi to any device, in fact we have detailed guides that walk you through the whole process. All you need to do is download Kodi, then configure your desired addons. For those of you who are lazy or new to this, we also have our FreeTelly app for both Mac and Windows, which is a custom version of Kodi that comes preconfigured with all the best Kodi addons, tweaks and customizations ready for use!

Remember, at the current time we are the only trustworthy source for your unofficial Kodi addon needs.


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