Top Kodi Addons for October 2019: Piracy-Free Cable TV Alternatives 📺

Top Kodi Addons for October 2019: Piracy-Free Cable TV Alternatives 📺

Over the past few years, the television industry’s constant attacks on the Kodi community have resulted in countless fake news headlines labelling Kodi as a piracy product. Unfortunately for them, Kodi addons offer a ton of incredible content that is completely legal to stream.

We’re now going to examine some of the best legal Kodi addons in the game, created by those interested in legitimate Kodi development. These Kodi addons are programmed to scrape content from licensed (legal) content sources only.

When used correctly, these Kodi addons offer a fantastic alternative to paid cable TV subscriptions. Compliment them with a VPN service at only $3.47/month and you’ll be rocking and rolling. Using a VPN will allow you to bypass geo-blocking to access more working sources!

Top Kodi Addons for October 2019

  1. ABC Family
  2. Adult Swim
  3. BNW Movies
  4. Bollywood Movies
  5. British Council Film
  6. Canadian Broadcasting Corp (CBC)
  7. Cartoon Network
  8. Classic Cinema
  9. CNN
  10. Comedy Central
  11. Crackle
  12. EarthCam
  13. FDJ.HD
  14. FilmRise – YouTube
  15. Films For Action
  16. Food Network
  17. Fox News
  18. Free Live TV
  19. Funny or Die
  20. HGTV
  21. iPlayer WWW
  22. Khan Academy
  23. Library of Congress
  24. Live Tube
  25. PBS Kids
  26. Pluto.TV
  27. Popcornflix
  28. Reddit Browser
  29. Showcase Canada
  30. Sky News
  31. The Heritage Channel
  32. Tubi
  33. TV Ontario Kids
  34. Twitch
  35. Udacity
  36. USTVnow
  37. WABC Programs
  38. WNBC Programs
  39. World Star Hip Hop

Anyway, we hope these Kodi addons bring you tons of joy and hours of free entertainment. Please let us know if we missed any, or what you think of these, by visiting our discussion forums.

5/5 - (10 votes)
5/5 - (10 votes)

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  1. The biggest miss I have with KodI is that it will only ever be available with the newest and greatest mobile platforms for the next 6 years.kodi on firestick

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