Kodi Addons Are Working Better Than Ever (Everything You Need To Know)

A lot of things have changed over the past year, but for the most part Kodi addons are working better than ever. What’s changed the most is the way Kodi addons are installed. We are no longer indexing certain types of addons as a result of legal pressure. This doesn’t mean that you can’t install whatever you’d like, it just means that we can’t index those addons through our platform.

Since almost all Kodi addon development takes place through GitHub, you can still use our Git Browser tool to connect directly to independent developers and install any addon you wish. All you’ll need to know is which GitHub usernames to lookup, and figuring that out on your own shouldn’t be too difficult. We continue to develop neutral tools like URLResolver, which actually power the majority of Kodi addons.

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Kodi Addons Are Working Better Than Ever (Everything You Need To Know)Kodi Addons Are Working Better Than Ever (Everything You Need To Know)

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Please note that the guides below detail popular but unofficial use of Kodi, not to be confused with its official purpose. Since our site address changed in August 2017, existing users may have to repeat many of our guides.

The Essentials

Once you’ve installed the standard Kodi app, follow each of these guides in this exact order to get started with Kodi addons…
1) Fusion Installer

This tool connects your plain old Kodi to the world of unofficiial Kodi addons. This is the first thing you’ll need to install.

2) Indigo Tool

Like a Swiss Army Knife type of tool for Kodi, makes life easier for everything to do with unoffiicial Kodi addons.

3) Git Browser

This guide will show you how to install any Kodi addon directly from its developer’s own GitHub repository, regardless of whether we approve of them or not.

Kodi Addons

Right now we’re only indexing Kodi addons from which content licensing can be “easily” verified. We’re not saying anyone else is bad, we just can’t be part of it. Use our Git Browser to freely install addons from any developer on GitHub anyway.
  • Top Kodi Addons: Check out our monthly list featuring the best Kodi addons from sources from which licensing can be easily verified.
  • USTVnow for Kodi: USTVnow is a legitimately licensed broadcaster that gives you free, reliable access to ABC, CBS, The CW, FOX, NBC, PBS and My9.
  • Unofficial Addon Library: There are almost a thousand Kodi addons in our library, which you can easily install through Addon Installer menu of our Indigo tool.
  • Retro Gaming on Kodi: Try this fully functional test build of Kodi for a sneak peak of how you’ll be able to play Nintendo, Sega and Atari games directly through Kodi.

Download Kodi

These guides walk you through downloading the latest version of the Kodi app which by default comes without addons. Follow the “The Essentials” above immediately after downloading Kodi in order to get started with the best unofficial Kodi addons.

DMCA Compliance

Despite what certain Net Neutrality abusing telecom companies would like to claim, we have always respected the law and continue to take steps in order to remain fully compliant.

Factory Reset

If you’re having problems or installed too many broken addons, use any of the options below to start fresh, the first one works well on any platform…

Backup & Restore

Easily copy your Kodi configuration to other devices, or share it with anyone who might not be as experienced with Kodi as you are…

VPN Services

These optional services allow you to remain anonymous online, while circumventing censorship and geoblocking. We’ll get a small referral commission if you purchase.
  • Private Internet Access – Starting at $2.91 per month for 2 years, works on Windows, Mac, Android (not Android TV), Raspberry Pi, iPad, iPhone.
  • IPVanish – Starting at $6.49 per month for 1 year, works on Windows, Mac, Android, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Raspberry Pi, iPad, iPhone.

Debrid Services

These optional services give you access to premium speeds at a variety of cyberlockers, giving you access to more reliable HD sources as a result.

Thank you for your continued support of our community. We are en route to becoming stronger and more resilient than ever, and couldn’t have done it without the support of our millions of active users around the world. We have much bigger things coming, stay tuned.

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