How Do Kodi Addons Like Exodus Redux Work?

How Do Kodi Addons Like Exodus Redux Work?

Have you ever wondered how Kodi addons like Exodus Redux work? Well, today’s your lucky day because we’re going to explain the schematics of it all.

Kodi addons do not actually distribute any content. Instead, they perform a technical action called “scraping” which refers to grabbing content from external online sources.

Before you’ve decided what to watch, you’re presented with lists of movies and TV shows, as well as search functionality. This data is retrieved from movie and TV show databases like TMDB and TVDB. At this stage, everything is kosher from a legal perspective.

How Do Kodi Addons Like Exodus Redux Work?

Once you’ve selected which movie or TV show you wish to watch, your Kodi addon will attempt to scrape sources from streaming link websites. Exactly which websites will be scraped are predefined by specific individual scrapers coded by the addon’s developer.

How Do Kodi Addons Like Exodus Redux Work?

The main reason why Kodi addons stop working is broken scrapers. Since the websites being scraped don’t receive ad revenue from Kodi users, they’ll often make subtle changes to their website code in efforts to break scraper functionality. It is then up to the addon developer to re-code their scraper to make it work again.

But that’s not all… While most Kodi addons are able to scrape streaming links, very few are actually able to decode those streaming links in order to make them playable by Kodi.

How Do Kodi Addons Like Exodus Redux Work?

When you visit a streaming link, you’re usually redirected to a web page, not a direct link to a file download. Kodi is only able to play media files, not websites. This is where dependencies like ResolveUrl and UrlResolver come into play.

Once you select the streaming source you wish to play, you’re effectively leaving the Kodi addon like Exodus Redux behind, and entering the resolver stage. If streaming links don’t work after they’re retrieved, it means that either the link itself, or the resolver, is what’s broken.

Onto the last step, the actual streaming – also known as playback. If you experience issues once the video begins playing, it won’t be the fault of the scraper addon or the resolver.  At this point, any issues experienced will be due to your own internet connection, or the file host’s service being slow.

How Do Kodi Addons Like Exodus Redux Work?

We hope this has given you an insight into the inner workings of Kodi addons like Exodus Redux, along with a better understanding of why things go wrong. Now that you’re more “woke,” please visit our discussion forums to share any knowledge you may have with your peers.

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