AFL Video Addon for Kodi

AFL Video

AFL Video Kodi Addon

Developer: Aussie Add-ons
Version: 1.8.9
Updated: 2019-02-21
Summary: AFL Video by Aussie Add-ons
Repository: Aussie Add-ons (development)
License: GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3, 29 June 2007

About the AFL Video Kodi Addon:

Watch the latest AFL replays, news and match reports. Live streaming available with a valid AFL Live Pass

The AFL Video addon for Kodi is currently on version 1.8.9 and was last updated on 2019-02-21. AFL Video is hosted at and developed by Aussie Add-ons. Please report any issues with AFL Video at our Kodi forums. If you need help installing the AFL Video Kodi addon, see the guide below. We hope you enjoy the AFL Video addon for Kodi.

AFL Video Kodi Dependencies:


AFL Video Addon Updates for Kodi:

[B]Version v1.8.9[/B]
- fix token 403 errors (#2610)

[B]Version v1.8.8[/B]
- New auth 2019 (#2606)
- Feedback to user for upcoming (dummy) listings when selected (#2605)
- Add 'All' category

[B]Version v1.8.7[/B]
- Update to new auth process (#2601)

[B]Version v1.8.6[/B]
- Fix upcoming matches, Live Pass instructions (#2598)
- Implement manual token/in-app subscription (#2597)

[B]Version v1.8.5[/B]
- Handle outdated favourites links (#2594)
- Add AFLW content, fix UnboundLocalError issue (#2593)
- Improve m3u8 parsing, fixes live matches

[B]Version v1.8.4[/B]
- Remove unneeded functions and modules (#2587)
- Update to new travis.yml
- TypeError: object of type 'listreverseiterator' has no len()
- Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/xbmc-catchuptv-au/remove-old-replays'
- Remove old replays and use API for seasons
- Begin work on restructuring addon
- Disable upcoming matches listings for now

[B]Version v1.8.3[/B]
- Clean up settings, method name fixes
- Update travis CI key for repo move
- Add higher res icons
- Use aussie addons common module, flake8 fixes

[B]Version v1.8.2[/B]
- Small error handling improvements (#2535)

[B]Version v1.8.1[/B]
- Use new requests functions and code cleanups
- Fix AttributeError: StorageServer instance has no attribute 'delete' #2267
- Update travisci config
- Add travisci deploy config

[B]Version v1.8.0[/B]
- Add Auto-generated Highlights back
- Added team video channels back
- Move JLT Series matches to the bottom
- Use VIC as the fallback state for live streams
- Don't require subscription for on-demand videos

[B]Version v1.7.9[/B]
- Remove debugging
- Fix for Ooyala video ID discovery on live matches

[B]Version v1.7.8[/B]
- Cleanups and better exception handling
- Cache token, add other live pass videos, more logging. (#1542)

[B]Version v1.7.7[/B]
- Fix some live matches not playing, handle ssl errors (#1081)
- Update

[B]Version v1.7.6[/B]
- Code cleanups and error if trying live streaming on Python < 2.7
- update
- Fix broken paid subscriptions

[B]Version v1.7.5[/B]
- Remove forced TLSv1 from Ooyala

[B]Version v1.7.4[/B]
- ooyalahelper now using requests instead of urllib2
- Improve login process (#822)

[B]Version v1.7.3[/B]
- Support for paid subscriptions from

[B]Version v1.7.2[/B]
- Initial version

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