Blacklisted Kodi Addons: Transparency Report for October 2018

In case you’re not already aware, our current Kodi addon submission process is something that would make Kim Jong-Un proud. For the time being, we can only accept the submission of Kodi addons from which content licensing is “easily” verifiable.

At the moment, we’re facing a major lawsuit against some of Canada’s biggest telecom companies. We were also facing a lawsuit in the United States, which we’ve already managed to overcome. We cannot risk incurring additional liability at the moment.

In the past, we always respected copyright law, including the DMCA. This wasn’t enough to prevent us from getting sued, or having all of our property seized. We were never even sent a takedown notice by the Canadian companies before their attempt to destroy us.

Useful Compliance Details

For the record, we’re not stopping anyone from downloading these Kodi addons on their own, we just can’t be part of it.

Blacklisted Kodi Addons (and Forks)

This list consists of Kodi addons (and forks) which have been banned since August 2017. Developers listed in brackets will not be welcome here, although this ban may be appealed should they cease distributing blacklisted addons.

Newly Blacklisted

  1. Exodus Redux: (I-A-C)

Previously Blacklisted

  1. 1Channel: (kodibae)
  2. 9Anime: (dxcx)
  3. SportsDevil: (kodibae)
  4. Death Streams: (wilson-magic)
  5. Anime Incursion: (nixgates)
  6. At The Flix: (maverick53)
  7. cCloud TV: (kodibae)
  8. Chappai: (mrblamo420)
  9. Chocolate Salty Balls: (mrblamo420)
  10. Covenant: (covenantkodi)
  11. Dramatic: (wilson-magic)
  12. Dubbed Anime: (wilson-magic)
  13. Elementum: (elgatito)
  14. Exodus: (kodibae)
  15. Gaia: (gaiaorigin)
  16. IceFilms: (iceballs)
  17. IceFilms: (iceballs)
  18. Incursion: (nixgates)
  19. JokerSports: (maverick53)
  20. LambdaScrapers: script.module.lambdascrapers (doko-desuka)
  21. Magicality: (wilson-magic)
  22. Masterani Redux: (wilson-magic)
  23. Neptune Rising: (mrblamo420)
  24. Orion: script.module.orion (gaiaorigin)
  25. Placenta: (wilson-magic)
  26. PureSoccer: (purerepo1)
  27. SkyNet: (maverick53)
  28. Sparkle: (iwannabelikemike)
  29. Sportie: (kodibae)
  30. Toonmania2: (doko-desuka)
  31. Release HUB: (mrentertainment)
  32. Ultimate IPTV: (kodibae)
  33. Ultimate Whitecream: (kodibae)
  34. WatchNixtoons: (nixgates)
  35. XXX-O-DUS: (kodibae)
  36. Yoda: (supremacy)

We hope this hasn’t inconvenienced anyone too badly. Once the lawsuit is over (although it may take a while) we plan on returning to a standard DMCA compatible Kodi addon submission policy. Should you have any questions or concerns, please visit our discussion forums anytime you’d like.

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