Blacklisted Kodi Addons: July 2019 Transparency Report

While our community continues to grow, we are also forced to continue to enforce draconian-style copyright rules in order to avoid future liability and ensure the longevity of our community.

For this reason, we are once again publishing an updated list of Kodi addons which we do not allow to be distributed over our platform.

Discussing them isn’t a problem; but please no distributing files/links or install guides. We don’t want trouble from rightsholders, and want to continue operating as the premier source for legitimate Kodi addons.

Useful Compliance Details

Blacklisted Kodi Addons (and Forks)

This list consists of Kodi addons (and forks) which have been banned since August 2017. Developers listed in brackets will not be welcome here, although this ban may be appealed should they cease distributing blacklisted addons.

Current Kodi Addons

  1. Exodus Redux: (i-a-c)
  2. Seren: (nixgates)
  3. Exodus: (kodibae)
  4. Venom: (123Venom)
  5. Fen: (tikipeter)
  6. Scrubs v2: (jewbmx)
  7. ReleaseBB: (bugatsinho)
  8. cCloud TV: (darknessally)
  9. Sportowa TV: (mbebe)
  10. SportsDevil: (kodibae)
  11. Ultimate IPTV: (kodibae)
  12. WatchNixtoons2: (doko-desuka)
  13. Wonderful Subs: (dxcx)
  14. Gaia: (gaiaorigin)
  15. Elementum: (elgatito)
  16. Toonmania2: (doko-desuka)
  17. Orion: script.module.orion (gaiaorigin)

Abandoned Kodi Addons

  1. 1Channel: (kodibae)
  2. Covenant: (covenantkodi)
  3. IceFilms: (iceballs)
  4. IceFilms: (iceballs)
  5. Release HUB: (kodibae)
  6. 9Anime: (dxcx)
  7. Magicality: (wilson-magic)
  8. Placenta: (wilson-magic)
  9. PureSoccer: (purerepo1)
  10. SkyNet: (maverick53)
  11. Sportie: (kodibae)
  12. WatchNixtoons: (nixgates)
  13. Dramatic: (wilson-magic)
  14. Dubbed Anime: (wilson-magic)
  15. Masterani Redux: (wilson-magic)
  16. 13Clowns: (the13clowns)
  17. Yoda: (supremacy)
  18. Sparkle: (iwannabelikemike)
  19. At The Flix: (maverick53)
  20. JokerSports: (maverick53)

Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused, but it’s the way it has to be. Blame copyright bullies and overreaching court systems that punish people without proving guilt beforehand.

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