Kodi Addons Blacklist: May 2019 Transparency Report ⚠️

A few months have gone by since we published our last transparency report. Since things have been relatively stable in the streaming world lately, it seems like there hasn’t been a need for much new development when it comes to sketchy-type Kodi addons.

We feel it necessary to publish these reports, in the same way that Google does with the Lumen Database. We are not trying to shame developers of these addons, we simply need to keep an updated list of addons which shouldn’t be distributed through our platform.

While we forbid these Kodi addons from being distributed through our service, we do not stop anyone from using our content-neutral Git Browser tool in order to install them. We are also no longer banning the mere mention of these addons at our forums.

Useful Compliance Details

Blacklisted Kodi Addons (and Forks)

This list consists of Kodi addons (and forks) which have been banned since August 2017. Developers listed in brackets will not be welcome here, although this ban may be appealed should they cease distributing blacklisted addons.

Current Kodi Addons

  1. Exodus Redux: plugin.video.exodusredux (I-A-C)
  2. 13Clowns: plugin.video.13clowns (the13clowns)
  3. Seren: plugin.video.seren (nixgates)
  4. Exodus: plugin.video.exodus (kodibae)
  5. Venom: plugin.video.venom (123Venom)
  6. Scrubs v2: plugin.video.scrubsv2 (jewbmx)
  7. ReleaseBB: plugin.video.releaseBB (bugatsinho)
  8. cCloud TV: plugin.video.ccloudtv (darknessally)
  9. Ultimate IPTV: plugin.video.uiptv (kodibae)
  10. WatchNixtoons2: plugin.video.watchnixtoons2 (doko-desuka)
  11. Wonderful Subs: plugin.video.wonderfulsubs (dxcx)
  12. Gaia: plugin.video.gaia (gaiaorigin)
  13. Yoda: plugin.video.Yoda (supremacy)
  14. Sparkle: plugin.video.sparkle (iwannabelikemike)
  15. Elementum: plugin.video.elementum (elgatito)
  16. Toonmania2: plugin.video.toonmania2 (doko-desuka)
  17. At The Flix: plugin.video.AtTheFlix (maverick53)
  18. JokerSports: plugin.video.JokerSports (maverick53)
  19. Orion: script.module.orion (gaiaorigin)

Abandoned Kodi Addons

  1. 1Channel: plugin.video.1channel (kodibae)
  2. SportsDevil: plugin.video.SportsDevil (kodibae)
  3. Covenant: plugin.video.covenant (covenantkodi)
  4. IceFilms: plugin.video.icefilms (iceballs)
  5. IceFilms: plugin.video.icefilms.new (iceballs)
  6. Release HUB: plugin.video.theyidrh (kodibae)
  7. 9Anime: plugin.video.9anime (dxcx)
  8. Magicality: plugin.video.magicality (wilson-magic)
  9. Placenta: plugin.video.placenta (wilson-magic)
  10. PureSoccer: plugin.video.prosoccer (purerepo1)
  11. SkyNet: plugin.video.SkyNet (maverick53)
  12. Sportie: plugin.video.sportie (kodibae)
  13. WatchNixtoons: plugin.video.watchnixtoons (nixgates)
  14. Dramatic: plugin.video.dramatic (wilson-magic)
  15. Dubbed Anime: plugin.video.dubbedanime (wilson-magic)
  16. Masterani Redux: plugin.video.masteraniredux (wilson-magic)

We are sorry for inconvenience this may have caused. We must be extra cautious while our founder fights a lawsuit against some of Canada’s worst telecom companies. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Kodi Addons Blacklist: May 2019 Transparency Report ⚠️
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