10 Reasons Why We Discourage the Use of “Kodi Builds”

10 Reasons Why We Discourage the Use of "Kodi Builds"

From time to time the issue of why “Kodi Builds” are banned from our community comes up. Today we’re going to take a few minutes to explain the reasoning behind why the distribution of these “builds” have been banned, and hopefully convince a few of you to migrate to a safer way of installing and setting up Kodi.

If you want the best performance out of Kodi, you should stick to what is recommended at TV ADDONS, the only unofficial Kodi community out there that has proven to be trustworthy over time. If you don’t find it at TV ADDONS, chances are it can’t be trusted.

Before we get started, we’ll concede that some of these “builds” might be nice if we lived in a perfect world where every anonymous person on the internet could be trusted, but for the time being that is far from the case. Kodi is all about open source and the freedom of choice, so you’re free to do what you wish with your setup, but we’re going to list several reasons why we discourage that use of these “builds.”

1. Untrustworthy Addons – it has been proven over time that certain developers have only their own interests in mind, and not the interests of the end user, bundling their addons into a build might okay, but it could actually lead to your system being hijacked at any point in the future. This could lead to many issues, including theft of personal information and using your device to hack or spam people. Addons have the same access to your system as Kodi, and can therefore be used to peform malicious tasks like steal credit card information and send spam without your knowledge. Each addon installed poses an additional risk to security, so why take the chance by installing a build that contains dozens of addons that you’ll probably never use anyway?

2. Degraded Performance – many factors can lead to degraded Kodi performance, including installing far too many addons and making graphical modifications to the Kodi interface, there’s a reason why pretty much every Kodi addon developer uses the default Confluence skin as it performs far better than the other available options.

3. Phone Home Privacy Issues – some of these “builds” have included certain “phone home” functionality that communicates secretely in the background with the “build” creator’s servers, this brings forward privacy issues, and could actually result in users getting into legal trouble for piracy, some “builds” are now going as far as requiring user registration. Some “builds” are known to disguise their code so that it’s more difficult to determine what the code is really doing.

4. Modified Addon Code – developers release addons with the intention of providing the best possible performance and functionality for end users. Creators of these “builds” generally know absolutely nothing about programming, and make modifications to addon code that could result in addons breaking unnecessarily.

5. Paid IPTV Addons – there’s a reason we discourage the use of paid IPTV services, historically many of these services have facilitated fraud, and also bring major legal heat to our community as a whole, nothing is worse legally-speaking than charging for intellectual property you don’t own.

6. Missing Repositories – addons installed from the wrong repository (or without a repository at all) won’t update correctly in the future, which again will mean that you’ll be stuck with more broken addons, or even worse give the ability to untrustworthy developers to hijack addons developed by others and push malicious updates.

7. Technical Support Issues – using one of these “builds” makes it a lot more difficult (and frustrating) for addon developers to provide support to end users, many issues arise that would not occur under normal circumstances. It is always possible that one addon breaks another, which make it very difficult to support issues for users who have too many Kodi addons installed. It should be noted that almost every TV ADDONS developer has less than fifteen addons installed.

8. Outdated Modifications – certain “builds” include outdated modifications that might have been useful a couple of years ago, but now actually cause deteriorated performance, one modification in particular is the use of “advancedsettings.xml” cache settings which actually make buffering worse on some devices.

9. Confusing Menus – you can watch both movies and television shows using the same addons, and the same addons that play live TV are used for sports, so why in the world would you separate them into different menus?

10. Commercial Interests – certain people only care about money and are trying to poison our community through their unrealistic dreams of making it rich, our community is made possible by volunteers who do what they do out of love, some of these “build” creators may very well have hidden agendas.

Please Note: If you’re looking for an automated configuration for Kodi, our Indigo tool’s Config Wizard function works great and doesn’t make harmful modifications to your system, it simply pre-installs trustworthy addons that have been tested over time, without making any code changes whatsoever. If you’ve already installed one of those “builds” we’d recommend using our Indigo tool’s Fresh Start function to wipe your current Kodi configuation clean before reconfiguring.

Now that you’re aware of the security risks and performance issues posed by many of the so-called “Kodi Builds” being distributed across the web. They might seem innocent enough, but we really don’t think it’s worth putting your privacy at risk, in addition to all the performance issues that seem to occur as a result.

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