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ResolveURL Developer JSergio123 Retires (Again) Citing Personal Attacks, Feuding Developers

In a suprising turn of events, it seems that jsergio123 has once again announced his retirement from the Kodi community, deactivating his Twitter account...

Configuring the Real-Debrid Service in ResolveURL for Kodi

There's a new URLResolver fork to hit the scene, created by the recently out-of-retirement jsergio123 who has also previously contributed to URLResolver. Although this...

Configuring the Premiumize Debrid Service in ResolveURL for Kodi

Premiumize is one of the most popular debrid services and has been around quite a long time. They offer debrid services, but also include...

JSergio123 Returns from Retirement to Develop Legitimate Kodi Addons

In a surprising turn of events, jsergio123 has announced his return to the Kodi addon community, promising to bring more legitimate content with him....
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