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URLResolver Update: Making Your Kodi Addons Great Again

URLResolver is arguably the most important Kodi addon that has ever existed. Despite it's importance, most people have probably never heard of it. URLResolver...

Real-Debrid Links Missing from Kodi Addons? Re-Authorize in URLResolver Settings

Certain Real-Debrid users have been reporting that their service stopped working earlier this week. The cause of the issue is not clear, but it...

URLResolver Development: Contribute by Testing and Reporting Broken Sources

URLResolver is the plugin that powers almost all other addons, this is important stuff that shouldn't be ignored. As you may already know, we're...

URLResolver: Extracting Media Files from Cyberlocker Links for Kodi (Get Involved)

URLResolver allows Kodi to stream online content by decoding the links to playable media files from one-click hosting sites known as cyberlockers. It's a...

Stream Authorization for OpenLoad and TheVideo.me Sources on Kodi

You may have recently noticed that OpenLoad and TheVideo.me links now ask you to complete a quick stream authorization process prior to being granted...

Manually Update Broken URLResolver Dependencies in Kodi (16.1 Jarvis or Below)

It happens from time to time that the URLResolver dependency within Kodi gets corrupted. This is extremely rare, however we're going to explain how...
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