Kodi for iOS: Download Kodi for Jailbroken iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch

Kodi for iOS: Download Kodi for Jailbroken iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch

Kodi for iOS can be installed to any jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running iOS 6.0 (8.0 or higher recommended) or above. If you haven’t yet jailbroken your iOS device, that’s the place to start. Kodi works quite well on all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices, although you’ll find that the bigger the screen, the better the Kodi experience. If you’ve already jailbroken your iOS device, Kodi is certainly a good call.

The reason that Kodi for iOS requires a jailbreak is that Kodi doesn’t comply with the strict rules put in place by Apple’s app store. It mostly relates to the Kodi functionality that allows you to install third party addons, as well as execute downloaded code. That being said, if you’ve already jailbroken your device, installing Kodi for iOS is a fairly simple process.

Required: Jailbroken iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch

Step 1: Launch the Cydia app on your jailbroken iOS device.

Step 2: Go to the Search tab at the bottom of the window.

Step 3: Input ifile into the search box.

Step 4: Select the iFile app from the search results.

Step 5: Click on the Install button.

Step 6: Click on the Confirm button and follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 7: Reboot your device once iFile has been installed.

Step 8: Launch the mobile Safari web browser.

Step 9: Input the following link into your address bar:


Step 10: Select the latest Kodi iOS DEB file from the directory listing, it is org.xbmc.kodi-ios_18.2-0_iphoneos-arm.deb at the current time.

Step 11: Don’t touch anything! Wait a few minutes for the the Kodi iOS DEB file to download. It won’t show a progress bar or anything, don’t close Safari either.

Step 12: Select the Open in… function once it appears on your screen.

Step 13: Select iFile from the available apps.

Step 14: Select the Install function from the iFile action menu.

Step 15: Once complete, press the Done button at the top of the window.

Step 16: You’re done! You’ll now want to swipe to delete the Kodi DEB file within the iFile app.

Once you have Kodi installed to your jailbroken iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, you’ll want to go ahead and configure our Indigo tool, which will help you jumpstart your Kodi addon experience.

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