Tips to Keep Your Kodi Secure and Safe from Hackers (No Need to Panic)

In case you didn’t hear, the developers behind the Gaia and Orion addons for Kodi were just recently caught infecting the devices of unsuspecting Kodi users with malware. This malware was being spread (as well as updated) over a period of several months, until the developers deleted and recreated their GitHub repository in attempts to cover their tracks.

Even after removing the malware installer from their addon code, infected devices continue to mine the Monero cryptocurrency by cryptojacking. For the record, these Kodi addons were never distributed through TV ADDONS. We had already warned about them in the past, for violating user privacy.

It should be noted that this is the first time in history that a Kodi addon has ever been used to distribute any form of malware. There was one other case in the past where addon code was modified in order to DDoS a web site, however that issue was permanently and universally corrected within several hours and never actually installed malware on users devices.

Tips to Keep Kodi Devices Secure

In order to help protect users who have our Indigo Tool installed, we’ve already gone ahead added the following malicious scripts to our automated Malicious Script Blocker:

Tips to Keep Your Kodi Secure and Safe from Hackers (No Need to Panic)

In closing, we want to address the issue where certain groups of profiteers who are saying we can’t be trusted. We are the platform that built the Kodi addon community, years before any other site or box seller existed.

All of the most popular addons (including most forks out there) were developed by developed fiercely loyal to TV ADDONS. We have always protected our users, and only one developer using our platform has ever been sued or visited by copyright bullies.


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