Kodi Stream Authorization: Openload, TheVideo, Vev, Streamango Pairing

Kodi Stream Authorization: Openload, TheVideo, Vev, Streamango Pairing

So you’re trying to watch the latest episode of your favourite TV show, and out of nowhere you’re asked to visit a web site to “pair” or “authorize the devices on your network.”

Kodi Stream Authorization: Openload, TheVideo, Vev, Streamango Pairing

We’ve been receiving quite a number of emails about this message. People are obviously wary of the unknown, and we hope to put everyone at ease with this explanation. It’s not an error people!

Who Requires Pairing?

  • Openload
  • TheVideo
  • Streamango
  • Vev.io

What is Pairing?

When you visit the stream authorization links on any device connected to the same internet connection as your Kodi device, you’re granted access to stream from that host’s links for a period of 4 hours.

Once that 4 hours is up, or if you’ve opened an excessive number of links, you’ll be required to pair again.

Why Stream Authorization?

Bandwidth is costly, and pairing provides a sort of common ground between file hosts and Kodi addon developers.

Since Kodi scrapes content from online streaming sources without displaying their advertising, file hosts are forced to pay for bandwidth without receiving any ad revenue.

As as result, file hosts tend to make subtle changes to their web sites in order to break Kodi addons. After constant games of “cat and mouse” which cost file hosts money and Kodi developers time, pairing was instituted as a compromise.

Kodi Stream Authorization: Openload, TheVideo, Vev, Streamango Pairing

How Does Pairing Benefit File Hosts?

By offering pairing links, cyber-lockers like Openload and TheVideo are guaranteed at least one ad impression. This at least represents some revenue, which they wouldn’t otherwise generate from Kodi users.

How Does Pairing Benefit Users?

For starters, quickly visiting  a link on your computer or mobile device won’t cost a dime. And generally speaking, the hosts which currently require pairing are considered to be of high quality and speed.

Is Pairing Safe?

It’s reasonably safe, unless you click on an untrustworthy ad or something. We suggest exiting your web browser after completing the captcha process in order to mitigate any risk of crypto-jacking as well.

Disable Pairing in Kodi Addons

While the pairing itself is handled by UrlResolver or ResolveUrl, the retrieval of streaming links is done by individual scraper addons. Usually, you’ll need to disable the each add-on’s setting which mentions scraping sources with captchas.


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  1. Very good information. Although some sites still ask for pairing (and I do not know if I should trust those sites) I did’nt know that the resolvers solved this problem for me !

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