Bell, Rogers, Videotron Again Enter Our Founder’s Home to Seize Property

Bell, Rogers, Videotron Again Enter Our Founder's Home to Seize Property

Back in February, we lost the appeal over the return of our property before trial. This meant that our original domain name and social media accounts would not be returned for a long time. This property was the foundation of our web site, meaning our original platform was destroyed without trial.

Our founder was also ordered to pay the plaintiffs fifty thousand dollars for legal fees. The plaintiffs had already depleted our financial resources by destroying our platform and forcing us to return to court two more times for appeal of the judgement we had originally won. The whole process had been designed anyone’s bleed financial resources dry.

Fast forward to this morning, June 13th, 2018. Bell, Rogers, and Videotron showed up once again to force their way into our founder’s home. They had a court order that allowed them to search through anything and everything, in order to mark down things of value which would be sold to repay the debt. Somehow the debt had now increased to $57500 as well.

The problem is: we’re still fighting a lawsuit against them. Now they want to take everything our founder has left before they’ve even won? We’ve already been forced to fundraise in order to cover legal fees. They’ve already seized millions of dollars in property premateurely – our domain name, social media, and more. What more do they want?

To date, the merits of the lawsuit have yet to be tested by any court of law. With Bell, Rogers and Videotron continuing their harassment and showing up with court orders allowing them to continuously enter his home, how is our founder supposed to maintain the mindset necessary to continue fighting them?

At the end of the day, unless they can prove the merits of their lawsuit, their whole castle is actually made of sand. They told him that on July 31st, they’ll force him to sell his laptop, sounds fair right?!? We hope to fight this in court, but every time we have to fight something it costs us money that we don’t have…Bell, Rogers, Videotron Again Enter Our Founder's Home to Seize PropertyBell, Rogers, Videotron Again Enter Our Founder's Home to Seize PropertyIf you’re a customer of Bell, Rogers or Videotron and are disturbed by these events – perhaps you might want to consider switching to TekSavvy or EBOX in protest.

Thank you to everyone who continues to support our struggle against the expansion of copyright liability in the United States and Canada.


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