Mr. Blamo Retires: Abandons Placenta, Death Streams, Neptune Rising Kodi Addons

Mr. Blamo Retires: Abandons Placenta, Death Streams, Neptune Rising Kodi Addons

Earlier this week, the developer behind popular Kodi addons Placenta, Death Streams, Neptune Rising, Chocolate Salty B**ls, Aragon Live and Chuppai disappeared abruptly after posting short farewell messages on Twitter and Telegram.

We’re not sure what sparked Mr. Blamo’s departure from the Kodi addon. However, we’ve heard speculation that he was visited at his home by lawyers representing the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment or the Motion Picture Association of America.

We can confirm that he has since deleted his Twitter account, and GitHub repository. His file manager source also appears to have been deleted. We haven’t seen anyone takeover development of his code yet, but it’s likely that it’ll end up in the graveyard of Exodus and Stream All The Sources clones.

For those interested, his farewell tweet was as follows:

“Repo and Github Gone any Githubs saying blamo won’t be me.. as a developer I’m done for good”

And his Telegram group message (copied from another blog) read:

“So long everyone, it was a nice run. Hate to leave something I love but its come down to this and I’d like to apologize and wish everyone luck.. I’ll keep this group active to help people. Repo has been pulled addons and my code pulled”

Like other abandoned Kodi addons, they will still continue to function for the time being. Eventually they will stop working, once all their current scrapers have died. Nonetheless, we hope the future is bright for Mr. Blamo.

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