10 Myths About Kodi Addons That Are Absolutely False

10 Myths About Kodi Addons That Are Absolutely False

We hear a lot of nonsense across web about Kodi, almost on a daily basis. It seemed like putting a little article together about some of these myths might be a worthwhile idea.

We’ve seen many of these myths result in downgraded Kodi user experiences. You should find the information below useful towards determining what to do, or not to do, when it comes to your Kodi configuration.

Hopefully you haven’t already fallen for any of these Kodi addon myths…

1. Myth: Addon Developers Get Paid – there are a lot of reasons why developers put such hard work into what they do, but getting paid isn’t one of them, no one pays them anything.

2. Myth: Editing advancedsettings.xml Improves Buffering – while it may help it certain specific cases, the majority of the time editing this file will actually result in worse overall performance.

3. Myth: Customizing Addon Settings Improves Performance – developers try to give you the best settings set by default, there’s no reason you should think that changing them will improve performance, no matter what anyone tries to tell you!

4. Myth: Developers Are at Fault When Addons Break – addons break for many reasons, generally because the web sites they interface with change their coding, thus breaking the addon’s scraping mechanism.

5. Myth: Addons That Search Multiple Addons at The Same Time Are Good – these type of addons irresponsibly cause an enormous load on the sites they are scraping, and increased load is the main reason why streaming sites purposely break Kodi addons, using this type of addon is a bad idea.

6. Myth: Cheap Chinese Android Boxes Are Worth It – they might be slightly cheaper than the big box Android TV hardware (NVIDIA Shield TV, Amazon Fire TV, Google Nexus Player) but in our experience cheap Chinese devices break within one year.

7. Myth: Developers Have Control Over Content – the web sites being scraped control their own content, the addon is simply made to scrape what’s available on specific sites.

8. Myth: “Builds” Are The Best Way to Configure Kodi – the so-called “builds” you may have heard about not only cause addons to break a lot of the time, but pose huge security risks and definitely degrade device performance. If you want to use an automated process to configure Kodi, the only one you should be using is our Indigo tool’s Config Wizard function.

9. Myth: Paid Sports Addons Are Safe – these type of services attract too much of the wrong type of attention, it’s one thing to give people access to this stuff for free, and a whole other thing to charge for it, end users could get a hefty fine if implicated. Not to mention that these type of services often end up scamming users.

10. Myth: Only Torrent Users Need a VPN – regardless of what you’re doing online, a VPN service should be considered a necessity if you wish to maintain your privacy, you don’t want anyone tracking your internet use, let alone some sketchy streaming site. It could also potentially give you access to geoblocked content.

Please remember that our intentions are only to provide the best experience to our users. You might hear other people say different things, but we suggest you take conflicting statements with a grain of salt.

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