OffshoreGit vs. GitHub Hosted Repositories for Kodi Addons

OffshoreGit vs. GitHub Hosted Repositories for Kodi Addons

As you may or may not already know, the majority of our developers have chosen to have to their Kodi addon repositories powered by OffshoreGit, rather than the conventional GitHub. It seemed like a topic end users and other developers might be interested in hearing more about.

When it comes to Kodi addons, repositories are the system through which automated updates are received. Developers maintain their own repositories, and use them to distribute new addons and updates to existing addons. They’re also used for tracking and maintaining code changes by developers and contributors.

At least once per day, while Kodi is running, the end user’s machine will automatically connect to each installed repository in order to check for updates.

Each time your device connects to a repository to check for updates, it provides identifying user information to the server that it’s connecting to. This includes your IP address, which can then be used to trace your real identify at any point in time.

Depending on what type of addons you’re using, you might not necessarily want the fact that you’re using them kept in a log. Once they have your IP address, your ISP can easily identify you, you don’t necessarily want to be liable for anything, or have your identity exposed for less honorable behavior.

Now that you hopefully understand a little bit about how a Kodi addon repository works, we’ll compare OffshoreGit to GitHub in different categories that are relevent to both Kodi addon developers, and users.

  • Visitor Logs Wiped Daily!
  • No Risk of Developer Losing Access
  • Privacy Oriented
  • Offshore Owned and Operated
  • Servers Hosted in Europe
  • Discrete Service
  • File Hosting Only

  • Visitor Logs Kept Forever
  • Risk of Developer Losing Access
  • Force Refresh Often Necessary
  • Less Interested in Privacy
  • Jurisdiction of the United States
  • Publically Audited
  • Full GIT, Version Control and More

As most of you are probably aware, when it comes to the United States and privacy on the internet, if the man wants to find out who you are, he will. This means that it is definitely possible for skeletons to come out of the closet at any later date, if you’re doing sketchy stuff with American hosted servers involved. This is why OffshoreGit is far superior a choice for Kodi addons, from both the user and developer’s standpoints.

It is incredibly easy to bring almost anyone to court in the United States, and when it comes to the entertainment industry, they have a lot of lawyers. We’re not trying to argue the legality of addons at this point in time, but when you have expensive enough lawyers, you can prove almost anything you’d like, regardless of whether it is cut and dry or not. The point is, you don’t want them to know who you are, whether you’re a developer or a user.

You might not realize it, but if your repository gets shut down, you lose the ability to continue to provide automated updates to users. This means that end users will have to have the know-how to manually search for and download your new repository in the event that that should happen. It has happened to several repositories already, and will definitely happen more and more in the future, is it really worth the risk? Are the additional features worth the liability?

Now that you’re aware of the pros and cons associated with OffshoreGit over GitHub, think about your needs, and your concern for your own privacy and that of your users. Depending on what type of addons you develop, you might find OffshoreGit to be a more suitable solution, and one that will guarantee that your repository will continue to exist into the future.

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