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Recruiting Open Source Developers with Python Skills to Get Involved in Kodi Addons


It is no secret that the unofficial Kodi community lost many talented developers last year. We are now looking to continue the expansion of our community and need fresh talent to help us lead the way! We are looking for people with Python development experience who would like to create new Kodi addons to interface with their favourite online streaming sources. There are millions of untapped sources which would make for great Kodi addons, help us by making your own Kodi addons to interface with your favourites.

For the record, we’re not necessarily looking for people to collaborate directly with us on our community projects. We just really want to see new people getting involved with Kodi addon development in general. The Kodi community is just as much about independence, as it is about sharing in collaboration. Do your own thing, create something useful to you, and when you’re ready – share it with the masses…

Start by checking out our Community GitHub Account to see some of the most popular Kodi addons in the game, and take it from there. Find useful information in our Development Forum, Kodi Development Wiki, and the Kodi Addon Generator script.

If you don’t want to start with creating your own Kodi addon, please feel free to contribute to our URLResolver dependency, Indigo tool, or Git Browser tool.

Have a Question? Visit our Discussion Forums Today! There's always someone who's eager to be of assistance. Praise is always appreciated as well.

Please remember that our community is supported entirely by volunteers, developers are not paid and updates to their Kodi addons are made during their free time.