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Phoenix Kodi Addon Removed Due to Copyright Complaint (plugin.video.phstreams)


All traces of Phoenix were removed from our web site as of June 12th, 2017 as the result of a complaint made as part of a lawsuit against us filed by Bell, Rogers, Videotron and TVA. Interestingly enough, Phoenix had already been discontinued prior to the time that the lawsuit was filed, so they basically asked us to remove a Kodi addon that was already useless. Phoenix had originally been developed by Blazetamer and lambda81 in the aftermath of Mash Up closing. Phoenix was later maintained by cosmix for the most part. Since the closure of Phoenix, we have decided to err on the side of caution and ban “playlist” type Kodi addons entirely.

Phoenix appeared to scrape a multitude of sources based on user generated lists of content titles. Since the Phoenix addon is no longer operational, we cannot even verify which sources it used. Many of the playlists addons that you see popping up appear to be based on Phoenix code. In order to protect our community, we cannot have anything to do with Kodi addons like Phoenix in the future. Some big corporations have stated that Phoenix is infringing, although it has yet to be proven in court. As of now, the legality of streaming using Kodi addons such as Phoenix is unclear in most of the world.

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