Pirates Get Pirated: Five “Playlist” Kodi Addons Taken Offline Amidst Feuding

Pirates Get Pirated: Five "Playlist" Kodi Addons Taken Offline Amidst Feuding

Since their inception, playlist addons have been a leading source of drama in this community, followed by “builds,” paid IPTV, and box sellers. There is a presently a group of “playlisters” who have taken their addons offline while a social media war ensues over the creation of an addon that decrypts their “playlists.”

It’s a bit ridiculous that people are fighting over lists which contain links to pirated content in the first place. These people didn’t create, nor did they pay for, any of the content in their lists. Just because they uploaded the content to a cyberlocker and put the links into an XML file, doesn’t make it their own.

Kodi is open source, the addons are open source, but for some reason “playlisters” feel so entitled that they encrypt their “playlists.” Open source is about sharing, collaboration and the free flow of knowledge. The Kodi community is no different, none of this would be here if it wasn’t for community, sharing and the ability to reuse code written by others.

What really ticks us off here is that most playlisters act like their contributions are so useful. While they might seem useful in the moment, they end up useless once their maintainers stop spending hours a day manually compiling lists of content. Real addons continue to work long after they were developed, their code improved upon by others.

We’re going to come out and say it loud and clear: “playlist” addons are not real Kodi addons. They bring zero functionality, and if anything bring the wrong type of attention to the Kodi community due to the fact that the people who maintain them are basically running their own “direct linking” sites (like PrimeWire), unlike real addons which scrape unrelated external sources.

Real developers almost never start drama. Of course there are a few exceptions who are disproportionally vocal on social media compared to their actual contributions to development. That being said, if you’re a operating a playlist addon, at least have the decency to not start wars over people “stealing” the lists you stole in the first place.


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