Who Wants to Be the New Owner of TV ADDONS?

Who Wants to Be the New Owner of TV ADDONS?

Before anyone gets too excited, there are no plans for a sale yet. We’re simply interested in hearing perspective offers so that we can decide what’s best for the future of the unofficial Kodi addon community.

Right off the bat, we’ll say that we’re not interested in selling to box sellers or paid IPTV service operators. We have always been against this type of profiteering, and will not compromise on our morals. We’ll also be anonymizing any and all user data prior to sale.

With that being said, the potential sale is not exclusively motivated for financial reasons. We want to hear about what you would do to grow the community, not only what you’ll offer as a dollar figure.

Lastly, in case anyone is concerned, we are also willing to ensure that the anonymity of the potential future buyer is preserved. We have about 12 million active repository users at the current time…

Who Wants to Be the New Owner of TV ADDONS?

Please submit your offers via our website’s contact page. Be sure to include a financial offer, as well as detail your plans. We will only be responding to offers we are willing to consider, so please don’t submit multiple offers in hopes that we will respond sooner.

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