Profiteers Are Trying to Destroy the Kodi Community We Worked So Hard to Build

Profiteers Are Trying to Destroy the Kodi Community We Worked So Hard to Build

Ever since our original platform was destroyed without trial last year, profiteers have been doing everything they can to try to seize power over the community we built. We always strived to put user experience first, and we did everything we could to prevent profit seekers from taking advantage of our users. Now that we have lost our search engine rankings, ability to communicate with most of our users – profiteers have been empowered and are ruthless in their efforts.

Before we continue, we’ll define profiteers. Profiteers are anyone who enter the Kodi community for the sole purpose of profiting from providing illegal content to unsuspecting users. These services even go as far as trying to hide or attack free services that provide the same content. By contrast, we don’t consider services like Real-Debrid, Premiumize or VPNs to be profiteers – because they’re legitimate services that don’t provide pirated content, and have legitimate expenses.

We recognize that most users couldn’t care less, they just want their short term free TV fix. The fact is all of this paid services are fly by night, they never last. Once they die, there’s nothing left behind to continue. It’s not progress. Progress is open source Kodi addons that can be worked on by future developers and end users long after their projects shut down. Look at Exodus for example, there are now 20+ forks operating using Exodus as their code base – progress, utiliity, collaboration.

We need more new developers to step forward and create cool new scraper addons for Kodi. The more free, open source code that’s passed around, the less likely profiteers are to take over Kodi related news. Beware of blogs that are setup for the sole purpose of selling VPNs too, they only want traffic, their information is all outdated and unreliable. We now have our Git Browser for easy addon installation, our Batch Installer as a secure, always up-to-date, auditable “Kodi Build” alternative – let the world know about them!

As for the haters who are going to say “but TV ADDONS only cares about profit.” That’s utter nonsense. We never put user experience second to anything, we never monetized a single Kodi addon, and we always ensured the community was productive and safe. We could have made millions upon millions if we wanted to, but we chose to care more about our users than our pockets. Kodi is about sharing and collaboration, not about making money.

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