Kodi Showdown! Real-Debrid vs. Premiumize vs. No Debrid (Endless 1080P Sources)

The short answer is: yes, debrid services are absolutely worthwhile. For years now, virtually every Kodi addon developer has encouraged the use of debrid services, and there’s a reason why. When you search for a title within a Kodi addon without a debrid service, it simply scrapes the web sites for which the addon interfaces. When you search for a title with a debrid service configured, your addon will also interface with their cache to retrieve even more working sources. Much of the time the debrid service cache will contain 1080P sources which the addon would not have been able to find on its own. Essentially it gives you access to sources which other users have already watched, resulting in them being added to the debrid service cache for a period of time.

As far as debrid services go, the two biggest players in the game are Real-Debrid and Premiumize. They are the ones most of our developers use, although URLResolver does support other debrid services as well. Certain debrid services offer additional features such as torrent cloud or VPN access, selecting the one that’s right for you really depends on what you’re into. If you’re only going to use it with Kodi, both Real-Debrid and Premiumize will more than do the trick. If you wanted to be really hardcore, you could even configure more than one debrid service at once. Those of you who refuse to watch anything less than 1080P will be pleasantry surprised by the abundance of high definition links.

When considering the figures below, take into consideration the fact that all Real-Debrid and Premiumize sources are pre-tested and always functional, whereas with no debrid – many of the sources listed probably won’t even work.

New Movie #1

No Debrid 1080P: 1 720P: 15 SD: 80
1080P: 24 720P: 43 SD: 114
1080P: 13 720P: 30 SD: 44

New Movie #2

No Debrid 1080P: 0 720P: 6 SD: 52
1080P: 1 720P: 4 SD: 43
Premiumize 1080P: 1 720P: 4 SD: 19

New Movie #3

No Debrid 1080P: 3 720P: 13 SD: 321
1080P: 24 720P: 29 SD: 203
1080P: 18 720P: 26 SD: 92

Popular Movie #1

No Debrid 1080P: 1 720P: 16 SD: 55
1080P: 4 720P: 16 SD: 56
Premiumize 1080P: 3 720P: 11 SD: 62

New TV Episode #1

No Debrid 1080P: 0 720P: 3 SD: 265
1080P: 3 720P: 22 SD: 133
Premiumize 1080P: 3 720P: 20 SD: 78

Popular TV Episode #1

No Debrid 1080P: 0 720P: 12 SD: 181
1080P: 50 720P: 39 SD: 62
Premiumize 1080P: 33 720P: 27 SD: 47

Popular TV Episode #2

No Debrid 1080P: 0 720P: 8 SD: 232
1080P: 12 720P: 22 SD: 72
Premiumize 1080P: 11 720P: 19 SD: 53

Now that we’ve laid the numbers out for you, we’ll leave it up to you to decide whether an endless supply of 1080P sources is or isn’t worth the small monthly fee. Please tell us about your experiences with debrid services like Real-Debrid and Premiumize in the comments below. Should you have any questions, please feel free to visit our discussion forums where someone’s always eager to be of assistance.


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