Stop Emailing Us Asking for Refunds, We Didn’t Get Paid for That Kodi Box You Bought

Stop Emailing Us Asking for Refunds, We Didn't Get Paid for That Kodi Box You Bought

On a daily basis we receive dozens of emails from people asking us to give them personalized support or refund their purchase. Many box sellers are claiming to have ties to our community or are telling their customers that they are actually part of our team. This is all entirely false! On the contrary, we wish these box sellers never existed in the first place, we don’t want them selling our hard work for a profit, we do it so that people can enjoy it for free!

This community was founded on the principles of sharing and collaboration. This community would never have existed if it weren’t for those principles, if it were about money none of the best Kodi addons would have ever came to be. The work that it takes to develop and maintain any of our addons is much more than something you could put a monetary value on. It takes real dedication, not the kind you can get by paying someone.

These box sellers are all leeching off our hard work, making tons of money by ripping off their own customers in the process. We want nothing to do with people who enter our community with the purpose of enriching themselves, that’s not what we’re about. Kodi is about freedom, developers don’t put hundreds of hours a month into keeping this stuff running just so some leech can make a quick buck.

People should be frustrated with the person who swindled them into buying a preloaded Kodi box, not email us and come to our forum acting like they are owed something. While we do have sympathy for those people, we strongly feel that it is unfair that people see our community as a means to enrich themselves. Everyone responding on the forum and developing Kodi addons are unpaid volunteers, doing it for their own reasons.

If you look through our site carefully, we have very easy to follow guides on every subject relating to Kodi and Kodi addons. There’s no reason why you should have to go through a middleman to get Kodi running, everything you need is free and we’re here when you need us. Please pass the word along, that way people will really understand where their Kodi addons are actually coming from, and that we don’t get paid when people buy boxes.

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