Reviving a “Broken” Kodi Setup for Free TV Streaming

Reviving a "Broken" Kodi Setup for Free TV Streaming

We get daily emails from countless Kodi users asking how to fix their “broken” or non-functioning Kodi setups. Although everyone’s issues are probably different, the standard troubleshooting procedure generally remains the same.

Over the past few years, Kodi addons have come and gone. These plugins are developed by volunteers, who are not compensated in any way. Sometimes developers get busy with other things in life and decide to abandon their code, ceasing to provide updates.

As a result, Kodi users should generally expect to have to manually update their devices with the latest working addons around once every six months, or year. During this time, you should also remove abandoned addons in order to keep your setup running at optimal performance.

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Kodi Troubleshooting/Maintenance Procedure

Follow each of the procedures below and you’ll be streaming again in no time…

Part 1: Update Kodi

If you’re running an older version of Kodi, don’t expect it to work properly with the latest addon updates, especially if you’re running anything lower than 17.6 Krypton.

Part 2: Factory Reset Kodi

Doing this will erase your current Kodi configuration, deleting all Kodi addons and customisations. You’ll be left with a fresh Kodi setup, and a blank slate.

Part 3: Reconfigure Tools

We suggest adding our configuration tools, which will assist you in downloading the latest working addons, and keep your device secure as well as optimised.

  1. Fusion Installer
  2. Git Browser
  3. Indigo Tool

Part 4: Get Kodi Addons

At this point, you’ll have to choose which Kodi addons you’d like to install. Using our Git Browser tool, you’ll be able to install unrestricted Kodi addons, from any developer. We suggest doing a bit of research on Google, looking up “GitHub Usernames Kodi Addons” and such.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide much detail on certain addons due to our current legal troubles, aside from how-to install licensed Kodi addons.

Need Help? Ask at Our Forums!

If you’re having any trouble, please feel welcome to visit our new discussion forums, where someone is already eager to be of assistance.

Hope that wasn’t too difficult. Please let us know which Kodi addons you’ve selected, in the comments below!

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4/5 - (5 votes)

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