Stream All The Sources / SALTS Kodi Addon Removed Due to Copyright Complaint (

Stream All The Sources or SALTS for short, is a multi site scraper addon for Kodi, meaning it scrapes dozens of streaming content sources at once. Unfortunately the original developer of this addon, tknorris, ceased development around the same time that it was mentioned in a lawsuit against our web site. SALTS development for Kodi was picked up by k3l3vra however it stopped working shortly after and does not appear to have been updated since. Due to the fact that it was mentioned in a lawsuit against us, we have decided to remove it from our web site in order to ensure that we will not be held liable for this user generated content on our web site.

There appear to be a few Stream All The Sources (SALTS) clones being distributed around the internet, but none are development by any of the original developers, who have since seemingly retired. It should be noted that some big corporations have tried to claim that addons like SALTS (Stream All The Sources) are infringing, it has not yet been proven in any court of law in the world. We’ve heard that an addon called Death Streams has cloned SALTS and is maintaining it as their own addon, but it does not appear to have anything to do with the original developers, and we certainly want nothing to do with it. The Stream All The Sources (SALTS) Kodi addon had its day, but has now come to an end.

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