Please Help TV ADDONS Pay Court Ordered Costs (New Fundraiser)

Please Help TV ADDONS Pay Court Ordered Costs (New Fundraiser)

As you may or may not already know, TV ADDONS had our original domain name and social media accounts seized without trial last year.

We went to court to have our property returned before trial and had initially won, however the judgement was later overturned at appeal.


At that time, we were also ordered to pay $55000 in court fees to the companies suing us – even though they already held all of our property without trial.

We are being sued over copyright infringement allegedly committed by individual users of our platform. We never hostednor linked to any form of infringing content.

According to the law, we did nothing wrongUser generated content platforms are supposed to be protected from liability over content shared by users, absent of a takedown notice.


Right now we’re in a pretty bad position. We have a strong defence, but cannot move forward in the lawsuit until the plaintiffs are ready.

At the same time, the plaintiffs have already sent a bailiff to seize what little personal property our founder has left. We have offered to make payment arrangements on several occasions, but they refuse anything but the payment in full.

It seems that the companies suing us (Bell, Rogers, Videotron, TVA) are trying to use this debt to force our founder into bankruptcy and therefore force him to settle with them, even though he did nothing wrong. This way they can avoid the issue being heard in court.


Right now the debt continues to accumulate interest, and until it is paid the plaintiffs have the right to enter his home at any time without notice, in order to seize any property he may possess.

Eventually, we hope to be vindicated at trial, however in the meantime need to come up with payment in full in order to put a halt to the constant harassment of our founder.

We hate to ask this of you, but really have no choice. Please give generously, with your help we will be able to continue the fight and bring these companies to justice for manipulating the law in order to destroy our legitimate open source platform.


Thank you again for your continued support, it truly means a lot to us!

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