TV ADDONS Turns Six Years Old Today (Six Years of Unofficial Kodi Addons)

TV ADDONS Turns Six Years Old Today (Six Years of Unofficial Kodi Addons)

Six years ago, a web developer named umOuch launched XBMC HUB, the first unofficial Kodi addon community which would later become TV ADDONS. No one had ever heard of XBMC, and there was less than a handful of unofficial addons in existence. It was a project launched out of passion and dedication to open source.

Before XBMC HUB, if you did a Google search for “XBMC addons” you wouldn’t have found anything except for the official XBMC web site. We were the first site to write newbie friendly Kodi guides! The second generation Apple TV had just been jailbroken, and it turned out to be the perfect hardware device to introduce XBMC to the masses.

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TV ADDONS Turns Six Years Old Today (Six Years of Unofficial Kodi Addons)

At the time, installing XBMC to the jailbroken Apple TV 2 was extremely difficult the average individual. XBMC HUB saw a void that needed to be filled, and developed the nito Installer, which gave anyone the ability to configure Kodi at the touch of a button.

We decided to streamline the Kodi installation process with the release of our Fusion Installer which is to this day the primary method of unofficial Kodi addon installation. Before Fusion, you’d have to manually download the developers’ repository and then manually upload it to your device – it was a hassle to say the least.

Not long after, we had around a dozen developers with new people coming around regularly. All kinds of new addons were being released, prompting us to develop the XBMC HUB Wizard, the first automated Kodi configuration tool of its kind.

XBMC was finally ported to Android at around the same time that Apple stopped selling its second generation model Apple TV. People were selling Apple TV 2 devices for triple their value, and were desperate for a new Kodi device. Chinese manufactured Android TV boxes were the best solution available at the time.

Unfortunately the availability of cheap Chinese Android TV boxes also paved the way for the undesirable emergence of the Kodi “box seller.” Greedy people around the world began reselling what was supposed to be free and open source. They contributed absolutely nothing to the community, and brought the wrong type of attention.

TV ADDONS Turns Six Years Old Today (Six Years of Unofficial Kodi Addons)

Fast forward a few years, everything was going great until June 2017, when a group of Canada’s biggest telecom companies decided to circumvent copyright law and unlawfully seize our domain names and social media accounts. The court later found that our founder’s rights had been seriously violated, and deemed the entire search and seizure to have been unlawful.

Since the Canadian telecom cartel would appeal the judgement we won, none of our domain names nor social media accounts were returned. We were forced to start from scratch and basically launch as an entirely new entity on a new domain name. Things weren’t looking like they’d be easy, but we were ready to work hard and our users were there ready to lend their support.

Five months have passed since we relaunched our community, and we are proud to announce that over 2/3 of our former user base has already taken it upon themselves to manually install our new repository. These users continue to receive updates to their favourite addons and the community is slowly being rebuilt from the ground up. We’re also now verified on Twitter, which is pretty cool too.

We have grand plans moving forward. We’re almost ready to introduce a new generation of Kodi addons that will change the way people access streaming media forever! Expect the release of these addons in the coming weeks, along with our return to a standard addon submission policy which will once again foster innovation while remaining 100% DMCA compliant.

TV ADDONS Turns Six Years Old Today (Six Years of Unofficial Kodi Addons)TV ADDONS Turns Six Years Old Today (Six Years of Unofficial Kodi Addons)
Thank you to all those who have supported us over the years, we hope to continue making you proud with massive improvements that are to come in the new year! We have outlasted everyone else and vow to continue to support the Kodi addon community. Last but not least, thank you to the official Kodi developers and the XBMC Foundation, without whom none of this would have ever happened.
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