SPMC’s Koying Quits Kodi Development to Join the MrMC Addon-Free Fork

SPMC's Koying Quits Kodi Development to Join the MrMC Addon-Free Fork

Earlier today, the developer of SPMC announced that he would cease development of SPMC, along with his affiliation with Team Kodi, as of immediately. It appears that he has decided to join MrMC, a fork of Kodi for Apple TV created by davilla, also a former member of the official Kodi team. For those of you who aren’t aware what SPMC is, it was a Android-centric fork of Kodi which for a while performed better than Kodi itself. We had originally recommended it to all Android box users, however over the past year we found the official version of Kodi to be a significantly better choice.

MrMC was initially created by davilla after the release of the newest generation Apple TV. It is basically Kodi, without the addon or plugin functionality. Since MrMC does not provide the functionality needed to install addons, it is available directly through the Apple App Store. Unlike Kodi however, it is sold for the price of $9.99 per user. It appears that Koying has now taken charge of the Android version of MrMC. Clearly they have plans on expanding their user base, although it is not clear why someone would want to pay for MrMC, rather than download Kodi for free.

Either way, there are certainly a lot of SPMC users who are sad to see Koying go. He was a great contributor to the Kodi commuity and will be missed. We wish both davilla and Koying luck on their MrMC project.

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