Reasons You Need a VPN for Streaming or Downloading Torrents

Reasons You Need a VPN for Streaming or Downloading Torrents

As far as we’re concerned, every internet user should be using a VPN at all times, but we’ll argue that one later…

For now, we’d like to bring to light some of the reasons why anyone who’s streaming or downloading torrents should be using a VPN no matter what.

By rerouting your internet traffic through encrypted servers around the globe, a VPN allows you to hide your IP address and location. Unlike your ISP, good VPN providers don’t keep logs!

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Avoid Legal Threats

Millions of torrent users around the world receive letters in the mail from copyright trolls, threatening legal action if they don’t pay a settlement fee. While these threats don’t necessarily hold water, best to avoid them by using a VPN.

Bypass Site Blocking

At the behest of commercial entities, governments around the world are rapidly enacting censorship regimes to prevent their citizens from being able to access many web sites and streaming sources. Use a VPN to access more sources!

Privacy Protection

Just like the rest of the internet, streaming web sites and cyberlockers track visitors. Likewise, when you download torrents, everyone else who’s downloading at the same time can see your IP address. Use a VPN to protect your privacy.

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Prevent Hacking

Hackers are far more present on the dark side of the internet than on the regulated side. By connecting through a VPN, hackers will be prevented from being able to connect to your computer by trying to connect to your public IP address.

Data Compression

Global VPN servers will compress any traffic before forwarding it to you, in order to save on bandwith. This cost savings goes both ways, meaning your internet bills will be lower as a result. Particularly useful for those who are using costly mobile data.

Recent Scare

A few days ago, it was revealed that the developer of the defunct Terrarium TV apk has been warning users that they may be at legal risk. In the past, it was difficult for copyright trolls to identify streaming app users. It might be easier now.

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