5 Ways Anyone Can Help Strengthen the Kodi Addon Community

5 Ways Anyone Can Help Strengthen the Kodi Addon Community

There’s a limited number of hours in a day, and what our team can do on our own is very limited. Online communities are only as strong as their users. Right now, we really need to summon the help of as many of those users as possible. Collectively we can get a lot done!

Although there are many different ways of contributing to our community, we’re going to go ahead and list the most simple and universal ways that anyone can be of assistance. None of these tasks require any technical skills either…

1. Batch Installer Creation: Batch Installers are the new and improved version of “Kodi Builds.” Customize one simple file, and share it with friends so that they can configure Kodi with your selection of addons and modifications, in seconds.

2. Forking Kodi Repositories: Preserve code on GitHub by forking your favourite Kodi addon repositories. It’ll only take a few minutes, and will ensure that even if the developer closes their repo, the open source code will live on forever.

3. Write Blog Posts for Git Browser: Signup to Blogger or WordPress and create your own mini Kodi blogs with different posts explaining how to install our Git Browser. Explain how to use it to download your favourite Kodi addons, and list GitHub Usernames.

4. Share the Newbie Guide on Social Media: Be sure to name the developers’ GitHub Usernames needed to install your favourite Kodi addons, it’ll make things easier for your followers. Share it as often as possible, and send the link to the guide by email too!

5. Amazon Fire TV Giveaway: Participate in our current contest daily, even if you don’t need the prize. Doing so will benefit our search engine optimization effortts since the giveaway resolves around social media sharing. It’s an easy way to get us some good links.

Thank you to everyone who has continued to support us through these trying times. We have grand plans in the works, and are going to make everyone very proud. Custom development, which is what we do, simply takes time.

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