On The Subject of Addon Developers of Kodi Addons

On The Subject of Addon Developers of Kodi Addons

Many developers put hundreds of hours per month into developing the add-ons that bring us endless entertainment on a daily basis, however there is a huge lack of community support for their efforts. It seems that users are taking developers for granted, never saying thanks or showing support, and only coming around our fourms when it’s time to complain. We’re a community based on peer contribution, meaning one person helps another, and developers do what they do selflessly.

Developers aren’t getting paid, and they don’t owe anyone anything, this isn’t the type of stuff that will always work flawlessly, so don’t expect it to. Despite what some misinformed people might think, developers have nothing to do with the people from whom you might have bought your pre-programmed Kodi-powered Android TV device. As a community, we are in fact against the selling of devices bundled with add-ons because it limits the self-sufficiency of users when it comes to updating their devices (and thus degrades the user experience) and also for legal reasons which we won’t get into right now.

There are different reasons why developers spend hundreds of hours per month doing what they do. Depending on who you ask, they might say they do it for personal enjoyment, or because they were Kodi add-on users in the past and wanted to give back to the community, and many probably also enjoy it because it’s a way that they can get hands-on practice to improve their coding skills. None of those reasons involve wanting to contribute to the benefit of greedy box sellers that don’t even tell their customers where to go for support for these add-ons.

“It’s pretty simple, I develop Kodi addons because I use them and it’s fun. If either one of those two things wasn’t true, I wouldn’t do it. Self Entitled and unappreciative users make the latter not true.” – tknorris

Right now some of our developers are considering quitting because they are getting spoken to abusively and disrespected by the many people who seem to think that developers owe them something, likely because they paid someone else for their pre-programmed Kodi device. This problem is also aggravated by web sites, blogs, social media groups and other entitites creating their own “community builds” in which they bundle these add-ons (and sometimes even sell them) without giving proper thanks to those who work so hard to make them possible.

When an add-on goes down or experiences errors, it’s not necessarily the developer’s fault. Generally sudden add-on errors are the result of changes made on the web site from which the add-on scrapes content. They change their web sites purposely so that people won’t be able to access their web sites using add-ons, in efforts to deter people from accessing their content in a way from which they don’t generate ad revenue. Sometimes errors and blocks are very difficult to circumvent, nothing in Kodi is ever a two second fix, it takes lots of work and testing.

It would really be nice if once and a while users would come to our discussion forums to show their support for the developers of their favourite add-ons, and thank them for their hard work. Hundreds of hours are invested by these developers towards bringing you restriction-free entertainment, take a few minutes out of your day once in a while to come say something nice to them, it would make all the difference. Hopefully what we’ve said here will resonate with some of you and we’ll begin to see more community participation and positive feedback in the near future.

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